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Wezesha project

The  project is about recognizing the importance of engaging men and boys at the household, community and policy levels in interventions around women’s political empowerment and leadership development. The project is premised on strengthening Samburu women and girl’s legal rights and access to justice while working to lessen the practice of harmful traditional practices and customs such as child marriage, FGM, beading and boy child preference. It gives precedence to developing tools and working with grassroots vernacular media outlets and community groups for purposes of promoting public buy-in towards set goals.  The project is king pinned on establishing synergies and networks with key stakeholders including the national government and Samburu County government’s line ministries, traditional and religious leaders, civil society, academia, Morans (warriors), women and girls groups. The project targets political parties through direct lobbying and advocacy toward the implementation of the 2012 new constitution’s 2/3 gender rule provisions in regard to improved women and girls visibility and empowerment.

Epuka project

The project focuses on engaging adolescent girls and young women in sexual reproductive health policy making. The project is premised on creation of networks with established youth organizations and youth groups to draft, lobby and advocate for implementation of policies on sexual reproductive health rights for adolescent’s girls and young women. It gives precedence on collecting views of the youth at grass root level on their priorities on sexual and reproductive health programming, provide information and yield representatives to engage with policy makers at the county and national level on sexual reproductive health rights for young women and adolescent girls.
The project targeted in and out of school adolescents and young women as well as existing youth organizations in Samburu County.