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The overall project goal is to promote girls primary school enrolment and retention in Daadab refugee camp by engaging men, boys and communities toward addressing the complex socio-cultural barriers that continue to impede girl’s education and partnering with others (including cooperates) to provide the basic incentives to girls so as to foster girls retention in school.

The project was able to reach Girls: 60,000, Women: 30,000,Men and boys 30,000  the end of 2017 but which increased  to over 400,000 beneficiaries in 2019.

The project won the 2017 Intercultural Innovation award Global Inter-Cultural Innovation Award and Global Intercultural Achievement  Award 2014

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The Coexist Initiative continues to believe that education is one of the most critical areas of empowerment for women and girls. It is also an area that offers some of the clearest examples of discrimination women suffer. Offering girls basic education is one sure way of giving them much greater power of enabling them to make genuine choices over the kinds of lives they wish to lead. We innovatively tap into the cornerstones of diverse religions, cultures, masculine constructions and art to find the medium of communicating the importance of girls’ education thus causing a massive paradigm shift in programming around girls’ education.