Coexist Initiative

Home Food Security

We focus on improving livelihoods in pastoral communities through commercial farming by using modern methods of farming i.e. rearing of exotic breeds of dairy goats and sack farming.

Food security projects

Exotic Dairy goat farming targeting Maasai women in Kajiado county. Through income from sale of milk products the women are enrolled into a self-help group to promote savings culture as well as access to credit.

Sustainable livelihoods projects

  • Guterura scheme

The Guterura scheme, is a multidimensional project that is based on several underlying key principles all aimed at helping the refugees to overcome the deficiencies and impediments associated with being urban refugees. The scheme is benchmarked on using adult education and ICT as a conduit to refugees becoming healthy, educated, exposed, self-sustaining and contributing members of the Kenyan society. The Scheme is in response to the reality that many urban refugees and asylum seekers in Kenya live in cities and towns where they are duty-bound to self-support yet a bulk of them has literacy and language challenges that inhibit them from the competitive market structures in Kenya. The project is premised on harnessing the refugees own creativity and ideas to better their lives. We are determined to cause a paradigm shift in urban refugee support programming where currently the focus is on charity and move to integration, skills development, linkages, and exposure to labour market as well as self support. Our focus counties is Kajiado and Nairobi counties.

  • Tree planting of drought resistant trees in rural areas in Kajiado County