To foster social justice for all and eliminate all forms of violence by engaging men,
boys, women, girls and communities


To mobilize and build the capacities and competencies of a critical mass of people

Our Programs

We focus on the following thematic areas

Gender Based Violence


Violence against women and girls in Kenya as it is in other parts of the world is an aftermath of profound social systems that advance and proliferate it

Girl Child Education

Girl Child Education

The project uses grass root and interactive skills to foster public discourse and engagement around the promotion of girl’s education and the 

Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking

Commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) is a violation of the fundamental rights of girls and boys involving sexual abuse on the part of an adult and the

Anti Radicalization

Anti Radicalization

The recognition of the fundamental input that women & men could contribute in countering violent extremism particularly and radicalization

Your support will speed up the reduction of all forms of violence and accelerate gender equality in Africa

The Coexist Initiative is a multi-global award winning Kenyan NGO working across Kenya and the entire East Africa region to promote gender and social justice and human rights . Registered in 2005, Coexist has quickly established itself as a pioneer in promoting gender justice, and advancing human rights by targeting men and boys as its key cluster.